December 1, 2007

Draft Novel: Title TBD

The latest writing focuses on a newspaper writer in Chicago who gets pulled into an investigation of a wealthy businessman's random and violent murder all via a mysterious phone call. As he twists and turns through the man's connections, he finds much more than the random in the explanation.

November 1, 2007

United States Census Bureau

Can give you ideas about people - that's where much of my Character Creator data came from. Also has loads of economic data, etc.

Google Maps

Excellent for writing about real locations and utilizing to get a visual reference for the layout. Now, with the street view options, you can almost visualize your characters into a location.

The Snowflake Method

Randy Ingermanson's theory on developing fiction as a series of building blocks.


Site provides a single word every day as inspiration for a free writing exercise. Can help to practice quick storytelling as well as provide inspiration against writer's block.

September 27, 2007

Author Resource: Outline Helper

After stumbling across Randy Ingermanson's "Snowflake Method" of writing a novel, I decided to create a tool that would help me progress my outline from single-sentence concept to full-on scene and character list. While it is not as detailed as the Snowflake Method, it does take you in the same direction from concept to conflict to fleshing out each scene. This is new for 2006 and something I plan on trying out, so don't blame me if it is a bit buggy. Also, best to get started with this sometime BEFORE November so you've got some good planning time in there. The deadlines are flexible and work off of the proposed start and end dates of your book (presumably November 1 and midnight December 1 for NaNo enthusiasts).