March 5, 2012

Sputter Sputter

Exhaust - Public Domain from 
So I have grand plans and visions... So sometimes they sputter...  So maybe it's time to get some of them back on track...

Honestly, this blog has suffered.  And by this blog, I mean my general bloggity collective of things around here.  So here's a post lamenting lack of posts.  And not apologizing for them, or making excuses.  I have some ideas for different posts, for here or there.  And they will probably come.

Just not today.  Today you get sputtering car exhaust.

And a reflection - went to the North Texas Irish Festival yesterday.  Just reminds me how much fun it is to track events in your community and attend things locally.  Oh, and how much fun people watching can be.  And how what's old to one can be new to another.

So maybe some things that I find boring, other people might want to still read about.  We will see how that plays out.

Until then.