October 3, 2012

Crazy cars

McLaren MP4-12C – Frontansicht (5), 30. August 2012, Düsseldorf So, this weekend, as we were driving down the Bush turnpike, we passed one of these - a McLaren MP4-12C. Retail price: $229,000+ from edmunds.com.

Who can afford to own a car that costs that much?

As if that wasn't enough, yesterday I spied one of these: Aston Martin Vantage V8
Aston Martin Vantage - sporting its own retail price of $180,535+.

Gotta love living or working in Plano if you are a car-watcher.

Look, I'm not a "car guy" in terms of getting under the hood, or racing cars, or anything like that. I know a few guys who are, and want their souped up Audis or whatever. I also see the Fast and the Furious crowd pulling their modified Hondas into the Sonic parking lot - that's not me either. I'm just a guy who likes pretty cars, mostly sports cars, and enjoys observing them as they pass me on the highway (or vice versa).

I'll stick with my Chevy Tahoe.

Other cars I've seen on the commute include Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Maseratis, and more. In Plano, Texas. Who knew?


October 2, 2012

Texas State Fair

This is a picture of chicken fried bacon and a beer from the Texas State Fair.  I've had chicken fried bacon before, so this was not a novelty to me, and therefore not something I'm going to describe in my rundown of deep fried goodness that is the fair.  Just like corn dogs are not getting a mention either.  Or beer.

We went to the fair last Saturday (not the ideal weather day for the fair with all of the rain) and tried out some of the delicious fried foods that the fair has to offer.  Here's my rundown.
  • Fried Jambalaya - there's a reason this won the best taste in the annual competition.  This is a legitimately delicious food.  Basically it's doughy balls of jambalaya rice and sausage deep fried and served with a cream sauce.  Delicious.  Get one.  Or four.
  • Fried Mexican Firecrackers - basically like a mini-tamale of chicken and jalapeno deep fried and served with a southwest ranch-type sauce.  Good, but not the best.  Not like the jambalaya.
  • Fried Chocolate Tres Leches Cake - OK, I don't really like cake.  But I do generally like tres leches, particularly due to the super-moist sweet goodness.  I felt this one was a little more dried out and not quite capturing what I expected from the title.  It's OK, but not as good as:
  • Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie - I don't think this is a new one this year, but it was my first time to try it.  Basically a ball of pumpkin pie filling deep fried and served with a squirt of whipped cream.  This would be my go-to-dessert from the fair.
  • Fried Pork Wing - Not sure what part of a pig the "wing" comes from, but it looks like a drumstick, and it's coated in some sort of spicy sweet Cuban barbecue sauce.  I only had a bite of one, but it was pretty good.
In other exciting fair news, we won a purple monkey in the Midway, lost some needed paperwork somewhere along the way, and got really really wet from the rain.

Notable "did not try" foods: 
  • Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll - you had me at bacon, you lost me at cinnamon roll
  • Chicken Fried Cactus Bites - Seemed too much like a vegetable
If you go to the State Fair of Texas, let me know what foods you tried.  Oh, and I always recommend Fried Butter if you can find it - delicious.

October 1, 2012

Monday Movie Review: The Five Year Engagement

Image displayed from http://www.thefiveyearengagementmovie.com/
OK, we watched The Five Year Engagement this weekend - gotta say, not quite what I expected from a Jud Apatow film.  From the folks that gave us Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up and Bridesmaids, I kind of expected wall-to-wall funny.  Honestly, I have to say I liked the film, but it was not nearly as funny as some of the previous movies.  Not a bad watch for date night, but not a must-see film.