July 18, 2010


Writemonkey is the program that I used to write all of my NaNoWriMo novel for 2009.  It markets itself as "zenware" and it's really little more than a souped-up version of notepad, but it definitely has some neat elements, particularly for a free-writing person who does not like to overplan and have their software try to tie it all together.  Best of all it is free, and the creator likes NaNo participants.


July 15, 2010

Good Podcast

So, since this is my blog for actual blogging, and not really talking about projects (because I have like 20 other sites for talking about specific things), I thought I might throw random interests and things on here.  Yes, because I'm blogging like it's 1999.

But, as you may or may not realize, I have about a 30-40 minute commute every day back and forth from work.  That's a lot of empty driving time.  So, I choose to fill it up with podcasts.  That said, I thought I might throw some recommendations to a podcast or two from time to time.

Today's Podcast recommendation: The Scotchcast - Since I like Single Malt Scotch Whisky, these guys are interesting to listen to, if not just to get a little bit of the pretentious talky-talky about what flavors are hidden in the nose of various drams.

I will say, that they have, in fact, even influenced my purchasing decisions on one occasion, when I went out and purchased the Caol Ila 12 Year - an Island malt that got an average 8.25 score.  While I was a bit surprised at first based on their description, I did find that I liked it after a few attempts.

I may have to pick up the Dalmore 12 Year on their recommendation, too (especially since it is not particularly expensive).

Listen on!

July 8, 2010

Newest fun project

Built a bookcase last weekend for the nursery... still working on the stain/varnish options....but it is dark walnut stained now...  It is based on one I found over at Knock-Off Wood.  However, I chopped it down to a 2-shelf unit, and then had to make some adjustments because the home improvement store person kind of screwed up the ripping job on the plywood back.  So I had to shave a 1/4" measurement off here and there to adjust the plan. Here are some fun pictures:

Here's the finished project (paper's there for a week or so to protect the carpet just in case, but it should be dry.  Waiting on varnish to cure entirely and then I'm going to polish it with furniture wax).