September 16, 2011

August cooking experiment: Chicken Vindaloo

This time we tried some Chicken Vindaloo recipe to knock out an Indian cuisine.  The recipe we used can be found here:

Though honestly, I was less than impressed.

This was really disappointing because I LOVE Chicken Vindaloo when we order it from our local restaurant.  Maybe we can find a better recipe (there are only 1000 out there) and try again.

September 9, 2011

Recap of the Big 12 as of yesterday.

A&M: We’re committed to the Big 12
Rest of Big 12: Cool.  Let’s sign a big TV deal.  Good thing we will all get more money now with Colorado and the Cornhustlers gone.
(one year later)
A&M: We’re leaving for the SEC
Rest of Big 12: Whatever, good riddance.
SEC: Yup, you’re in if nobody wants to sue you.
A&M: Hey Beebe, don’t sue us.  We’re leaving you.  And taking the dogs.
Beebe: The Big 12 won’t sue you
A&M: good enough for me, here we come
Rest of Big 12: Whatever, good riddance.
OU: Our conference is crap, we might leave
Rest of Big 12 (minus OU): OU – you think A&M is really worth that much?
OU: Not really, but we’re trying to get a piece of Texas’ TV money, since we’re ranked #1 and all
Baylor: That’s it.  If OU leaves, we’re losing our TV deal and stuck in the Mountain West playing on Boise State’s blue field.  What’s that, SEC?  We can stop all this by suing A&M?  Done.  Or at least we’ll threaten it.
ISU: We’ll sue too.  We’re not influenced by Baylor, but similarly have few options.
KU: Us too.
KSU:  Ditto.
TTU: On this train.  Maybe we can score some cash.
Missouri: We got lawyers, too!
OSU: Whatever, fine, we’ll sue you too, if OU leaves.  Unless they take us with them to the PAC 12.
Texas: OK, we couldn’t be first, but, sure, we want to sue too.  We just love making your lives difficult.
OU: (crickets)
A&M: Come on, you guys, you said we could leave!!! (wahhhh)  You said you wouldn’t sue!
Rest of Big 12:  No we didn’t.  That Bobo Beebe said that he wouldn’t sue you.  You heard what you wanted.
Beebe:  I am a bobo, this much is true.  And my last name is pretty funny.  Want to watch me backpedal?  I said the Big 12, Inc. wouldn’t sue you.  You should have known I don’t own the schools.  And by the way, if you re-read the letter, I just said that the SEC commish and I agreed it would be better if nobody sued.  Didn’t promise.  And my fingers were crossed too.
OU: Did BYU join the conference yet?  If not, we’re still probably considering potentially leaving.

September 2, 2011

July Cocktail of the month - French 75

Yes, July in September. It makes sense somewhere. And this, in honor
of Cheek and Mary's nuptial city. To make these at home:
Shake with ice:
1 shot (oz) lemon juice
2 shots cognac
1 tsp or so of sugar
Strain into champagne glass and top with approx 4 oz of dry champagne
(should be about half champagne and half lemon-cognac-water-from-ice

Oh, and I like to call these a Soixante Quinze instead of French 75.  You can figure it out.