July 11, 2013

Aquarium Update

In the move, I managed to convince the local fish store who moved my aquarium for me to take some of my fish that I no longer wanted.  In exchange, they offered me some store credit, which I was able to use to get a couple of new guys.

Gotta say, the move was excellent - they even got my filters running better than they had been before.

Anyway, here's the new aquarium setup (I plan on redoing the decor periodically), and here are the inhabitants:

  • Jack Dempsey
  • Pink Convict
  • 2x Firemouths
  • Red/Gold Severum
  • Green Terror
  • 5x Silver Dollars
  • 5x Red/Blue Colombian Tetras
  • 5x Buenos Aires Tetras
  • Plecostamus

Oh, and here's some pics of the new guys:

And an obligatory pic of my Jack Dempsey: