October 20, 2010

Aquarium Redo Complete (almost)

All done moving and re-setting the aquarium.  And I have now got most of the fish in there.  I will be adding a few fish this Friday (they are being shipped in from Cichlid Station) and then I'll be done until I decide to trade some in.

Regardless, I'm keeping track of the tank over at the Cichlid-Forum.com website.  For pictures and details, click here.

Here's my Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (I'm calling him Jack Palms) and two of the Firemouths.


October 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo Resources

Every October, something fun happens at Truckpoetry.Net - I get flooded with people downloading my NaNoWriMo spreadsheets.

As these are writing-related, I'm moving them (and posting new stuff) starting this year to my Writing Blog, and you can find them here: Author Resources on Cameron's Writing Blog

I'm leaving them here for old links and all that, but just in case you want any updates, follow the link above.


October 12, 2010

NaNoWriMo Report Card 2010 edition

Download >>

Updated for 2010 - not a lot of new bells and whistles, though I intend to put some new stuff out for this NaNoWriMo as well...Keep your eyes peeled. This is my version of the original report card (created by Erik Benson) with a few enhancements.

Please notify me or leave a comment if you have any issues with the spreadsheet.

Chicken Fried Bacon and other delights

So I did not get a chance to try fried beer or fried frozen margaritas this weekend at the State Fair of Texas, but I did get to check out Chicken Fried Bacon, a corn dog, frito pie (not the deep fried type), and some curly fries.

It was a much less adventurous food outing than last year, but I did squeeze in a football game (although we lost by a touchdown).  I am still confused about how you can "change your mind" on accepting or declining a penalty.

Anyway, the food at the fair was good and greasy, as per my expectations, and I will just have to file away fried beer as something to try out next year.  I may have to try riding the "Windsurfing" ride as well - it's a crazy ride that appears to flip you repeatedly and occasionally spray you with water.  Here's a video of it in action (at another fair):


This weekend we got two moderately sized eggplants from the garden, and made grilled baba ghanouj with them. Basically you grill the eggplants on a 400 degree grill, turning frequently, for 30-45 minutes, until they are black. Then after letting it cool some, add the flesh to a food processor with the following ingredients and blend until smooth:

4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup tahini paste
2-2 1/2 Tbsp. Lemon juice
1 handful flat parsley, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup olive oil
Cumin, salt, pepper to taste

Serve with pita and enjoy.

October 8, 2010

Baylor Basketball Update

So earlier in the week I had read that Baylor Basketball star LaceDarius Dunn was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.  As a result, he has been suspended from classes at Baylor, and suspended from the basketball team, potentially jeopardizing his participation in the season and his NBA draft prospects.

While I think we can all agree this is far from the worst thing that has ever happened to Baylor Basketball, it is still quite disheartening.  Even if charges are not pursued, I am not sure that the fans and/or school can get over it with LaceDarius.

That said, I suppose we will for sure have to see how good a player Perry Jones really is...