June 30, 2010

After some rain

We got some much needed rain the past two days, but it did beat up the garden a bit. It did encourage the coneflower to bloom, though.
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June 14, 2010

Random Musings on Conference Realignment

So, as I have been theorizing a billion insane theories on what could happen with the possible Big 12 Conference re-alignment, I figured it was worthy of (in a pre-Texas decision announcement) writing down.  So here are some insane pro-Baylor possibilities for where we land.

Option 1: We're Done
That's right - no more changes.  We'll stick to a 10 team Big XII and snicker when we think about Nebraska and Colorado.  Maybe we look to pick up two more teams in the next couple of years, but in the interim we switch to a 9 game conference schedule and keep trucking along.  This, of course, would require EVERYONE to stick around that hasn't already left.

Option 2: Ciao, A&M
Just like option one, minus Aggies.  A&M goes to the SEC, everyone else stays, and the Big XII grabs a tenth team in the short term (Utah?  Air Force?  TCU?) and moves along.

Option 3: Mass Exodus and a "new" Big XII
So, in the event that half the world leaves for the PAC, and A&M goes to either the SEC or PAC-N, there is the possibility that the remaining five stick together and take five more teams (probably from the Mountain West).  The Big XII makes a play to keep the automatic BCS bid, keep the automatic NCAA bid, and pick up various Mountain West Teams and a few from to rebuild (TCU, Utah, Air Force, Boise State, BYU, Louisville, someone else?).  In doing so, and preserving the Big 12, the conference would then be recovering penalties from EVERY SCHOOL THAT LEAVES - in the millions, which could at least provide a good short term buffer to the change in television negotiations.

Option 4: Baylor takes A&M's Slot?
If A&M heads to the SEC, there's gonna be one more PAC-16 slot to fill - could Baylor sneak in?  Realistically, I don't see that happening, but it's a thought if the intent is still to keep a large chunk of the Big 12 South together.

Option 5: Baylor heads East
OK, this is ridiculous.  But I think it would be fun to look at the ACC as an option for Baylor.  We've proven we can compete with SOME of their football teams (namely Wake) in years past, and we have played some of their basketball teams competitively as well.  I think it would be a fun fit, though I don't really think the ACC is looking to add a private Texas school to the mix.

Option 6: Mountain West...
TCU came out over the weekend saying they would not look to "block" Baylor joining the Mountain West.  While I wonder if that's their positioning of themselves to join the Big 12 in the event that it does not totally disappear, it still presents an option.  Baylor's joining the Mountain West conference along with the other Big 12 schools in a block could give it 15-16 teams and provide an argument for an automatic BCS bid (instead of giving two to the PAC-16) and still have a competitive environment.

Option 7: Big 16
This is like option 1 with a twist:  The remaining Big 12 schools stay, and find 6 other schools (possibly out of the Mountain West or otherwise), and bump up to 16.  Then they trademark the name "Big 16" before the Big 10 gets that big.  Conference uses the influence to negotiate better TV contracts, and Texas can still get its own channel if they want.

Reality Sets In:
So, with all this speculation about how things could theoretically work out as a positive for Baylor (and Kansas and the others), I am not convinced that anything good will actually happen.  So I will cross my fingers and hope for the best, and meanwhile prepare myself for what the WAC or Conference USA means to Baylor's Athletics across the board.  Assuming that we can even get into those.

Fingers crossed and just waiting to see.  I am sure it will all play out by next week.

June 10, 2010

Garden in bloom

Here's what the backyard garden looks like this morning!!!

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June 7, 2010


Pulled three Cherokee Purples and one of the others off today - too late on the purples, though - heat already split them. The regular one (that looks green) should be fine in a couple of days.
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