August 26, 2010

Good Podcast

So I suppose that it is appropriate as we near Thursday, September 2 (that's right, the beginning of NCAA College Football for 2010 is just one week away), to share a (pretty well known) podcast that I enjoy throughout the year (even though it is more frequent during the fall): 

ESPNU College Football Podcast with Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook

I'll admit, when I first subscribed to the podcast last year, it took me a while to get used to Beano's nostalgic moments, but overall, I have to say I enjoy the insight they give week after week.  And when I went all "crazy insane about Big 12 Realignment news" day after day this summer, it was interesting to get two or three podcasts from these guys with their speculations (which were less accurate than my "prediction" that it was done realigning and the Big 12 would stop at 10).  Then again, not even I thought that was going to be the outcome.

Over the summer, there was even a fleeting reference to I think the 1980 Baylor conference championship in the old Southwest Conference.

Who knows, maybe we'll hear some Baylor talk this year as well.

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