September 20, 2010

Aquarium redo step two

So after some work over the weekend and a trip to a local fish store, the aquarium is now empty, save for water and sand (and some waste from the prior inhabitants that is being cleaned up in phases).  I have located some of the fish that I will be adding, and I've done a brief sketch of what the final tank is going to look like, but for now, the rocks are out and the fish are gone, and the tank is waiting on additional cleaning (front glass about half cleaned, need to do sides, rest of front, and back, and then "vacuum" the sand, clean the top and outer glass, and clean/change the filters), some new glass tops, etc., and a move (which is pending cleaning and tearing down the OTHER aquarium since this one will move into its space).  Perhaps this will get done in a month or less.  We shall see.  My goal is to have it all set up before Halloween.  We shall see if that goal is realistic or not.

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