October 20, 2010

Aquarium Redo Complete (almost)

All done moving and re-setting the aquarium.  And I have now got most of the fish in there.  I will be adding a few fish this Friday (they are being shipped in from Cichlid Station) and then I'll be done until I decide to trade some in.

Regardless, I'm keeping track of the tank over at the Cichlid-Forum.com website.  For pictures and details, click here.

Here's my Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (I'm calling him Jack Palms) and two of the Firemouths.



Eeyore said...

Looked at the photos on the other site. Looks good.

Jackee said...

Awesome fish! I can't ever seem to keep saltwater fish (or freshwater for that matter) alive very long. You'll have to post some advice on here for us people who are better with species of the mammalian kind. :o)

Thanks for the great pictures! Good luck with the move in.

Cameron said...

Yeah - don't compliment me just yet. I now have some aggression issues with a couple of my fish and have lost 3 fish in 36 hours (including my ridiculously expensive and pretty blue one pictured above). Trying to re-strategize the tank setup now.

Matthew MacNish said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Cameron. I think you have an interesting point about Snape. I would argue that he is thought to be a villain for 95% of the story, but you're right, in the end he really isn't.

And man, you have a lot of blogs! I wasn't sure which one to follow so I picked this one.