June 11, 2011

Half Dark

Well, one of my light fixtures blew a bulb, and then when I turned it over, I found that the plastic end to the plug had totally come undone, meaning I couldn't even put a new bulb in.  So, time for new lights.  As you can see, the aquarium is currently sporting a pretty fancy half-and-half look.

Did you know that aquarium lights are EXPENSIVE?  No?  Well, they are.  Some even range up into the HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR A SINGLE LIGHT.  Luckily, I found some that were not as expensive (difficult considering I'm buying two sets at 36" apiece), and was able to leverage an Amazon Gift Card to make that happen with zero out of pocket cash.  I'll end up with dual bulb fixtures, too, with a 6700K light and a plant grow light (something my plants have wanted anyway, but I was hesitant to give them, ha).

Hopefully they show up soon, and I'll snap another pic.  Also did some maintenance Thursday night, including refilling my CO2 canister (yeast-based) and swapping out some filter media.  Yay for aquarium maintenance.

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