September 6, 2012

Game of the Week: 2012 Week 2

So, sadly, it is another low-impact week on the schedule, which means the game of the week could be Florida vs. Texas A&M (but it's not).  Even though it's the Aggies' welcome basket to the SEC and season opener after the delay of their game last week, I'm not sure that game will mean much long-term - I could be wrong.  That game is 2:30 on Saturday on ESPN.

I probably would prefer to watch Air Force at Michigan (ABC/ESPN2) or Purdue at Notre Dame (NBC) at the same time.

The ACTUAL game of the week for me is Georgia @ Mizzou (6:45 PM Saturday ESPN2).  Missouri's welcome to conference play in the SEC, their first opportunity to knock off a big SEC East contender and make a run for it, or an utter smackdown if they really aren't up to the caliber of the SEC defenses.  We'll see.  I think it is worth an evening watch of a quarter or more.

Runners-up: Pitt @ Cinci (Thurs 7:00 ESPN), Utah @ Utah State (Fri 7:00 ESPN), UNC @ Wake Forest (Sat 2:00 PM ESPN3) and the Air Force/Michigan and Purdue/Notre Dame mentioned above.

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