August 14, 2012

Aquarium Update

Armed with a 15% off coupon for plants during the month of August, I decided to do a little "gardening" in the aquarium, adding some live and artificial plants to complement those that I already had.  The two tufts of purple onion grass and the big plant on the left are artificial.  The giant Amazon sword in the back is real.  The other plants (large bamboo on the right, small sword in the front, and anubias) were already there.  The goal was to create more "rooms" or compartments in the aquarium so as to break up some of the line of sight between the fish - gives them a few more private quarters to retire to.

Oh, and not sure if you can see that they've already uprooted one of the purple onion grasses.  Will have to try to fix that this evening a little more permanently.  Kinda creepy how the flash made all their eyes stand out like that.  Zombie fish.

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